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  • Two Russians are among the winners of the 2017 Sony World Photography Awards

    The world’s 10 best single photographs were announced, by the judges of 2017 Sony World Photography Awards. There were only ten categories and 105,000 entries to choose from. Among 10 winners, are two Russian Photographers. Alexander Vinogradov competed in Portrait, while Sergey Dibtsev won in Still Life category. Vinogradov’s portrait of the girl is easily […] More

  • Fairy Tale Of Russia: Photographer captures gloomy side of Russia

    Photographer Frank Herfort’s is originally from Leipzig, Germany. Few years back, he had a desire to study aesthetic aspect of social spaces. He was in Russia at that time, so this seemed to be the perfect place for his new project called “Time in Between – Fairy Tale of Russia”. His photo series captured very […] More

  • Soviet Russia, As Seen By Photographer Vladimir Sokolaev

    What’s the opposite of nostalgia? Remorse, maybe? Well, that is what Vladimir Solovev had captured; not so bright side of the Soviet era. Well-known documentary photographer in the 80-ties, Solovev was part of the famous creative group “Triva”. Rumor has it, that it was dismissed for political reasons. Today Vladimir lives in Moscow and has […] More

  • World Press Photo 1955-2015: Some of the best works of Russian photographers

    In December 2015, Novosibirsk Municipal Fine Arts Center will be displaying exhibition called “Russian Grand Prix. Photos of Russian and Soviet winners of World Press Photo 1955-2015”. The exhibition will feature 559 photos of 121 photographers – the winners of the World Press Photo, one of the most prestigious contests in the world of photojournalism. More

  • How Soviet Space Dreams Became a Photographer’s Inspiration

    The rocket and space program of the USSR, along with the exploration of the universe left its mark on the country. Obviously, it reflected on the people’s minds as well. Every other little boy wanted to be an astronaut. One of them was the photographer Ivan Mikhailov. As a child, he often stared at the […] More

  • Pskov Photoblogger is One of the Winners of the First Instagram Grants

    Pskov-based photographer and blogger Dmitry Markov received the First Instagram Grant from Getty Images. Time magazine reported about the event, noting that the amount of the grant was 10 thousand dollars. Russian photographer and charity volunteer Markov hopes to use his winnings to spotlight the plight of orphaned children in his native country. “This grant […] More

  • Russia through the eyes of photographer Sergey Maximishin

    Since May 15, “31 Days Fotofest” photo exhibition is open to public at Artplay Moscow design center. Exhibition includes Sergey Maximishin‘s work titled “100 photos of Sergey Maximishin”. This is the photographer‘s attempt to assess last 15 years of his work. Former editor of “Russian Reporter” magazine Andrew Polikanov and photo editor Artem Chernov helped him […] More

  • Creepy Horror Art by Moppaa

    27-year-old Russian photographer, painter and digital artist Eugene Kuleshov (Moppaa) has started his art career engraving portraits on gravestones. His interest in photography started in 2012 after he surprised his girlfriend with a photograph and “liked” her reaction to it. We can only assume that her reaction was positive as Moppaa has gone on to […] More

  • Summer in a Village: Russian Mother Takes Magical Portraits of Her Two Boys

    Photographer Elena Shumilova is the mother of two charming boys. These wonderful photographs plunge the viewer into a beautiful world that revolves around her sons and their adorable pets. Each shot is a masterpiece, which accurately expresses the heartwarming mood of growing in a rural village. More