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  • When it comes to politics in Russia, even plants are skeptical

    During an interview, politician Mikhail Shevelev was reassuring the public, that all the candidates for the position of governor of Kirov region are worthy people. However, even his own office plant couldn’t take his tale. via More

  • Russian Legislative Elections’ Funny Posters

    Russia’s legislative election is right around the corner. While trying to win over the voters, political parties have caught up into an election madness. We selected some posters, that illustrate the weird side of their promotional campaign. More

  • Russian Parliament at Work

    A few days ago, the lower house of the Federal Assembly of Russia, known as State Duma, has adjourned. With the Legislative election coming up in September, there will be, hopefully, some new faces in the parliament. So, lets look back to the daily life of an average deputies, who have been working hard for […] More

  • Lavrov’s Press Conference Blooper

    Sergey Lavrov, the Russian diplomat and currently the Foreign Minister of Russia, got busted on camera muttering ‘****ing morons’ under breath at presser with Saudis. From the recording is not clear to whom the minister’s statement referred to.  However, on 43rd minute into the press conference recording, the Russian minister made remark to the people […] More

  • Russian parliamentarian almost runs over cops, while threatening to fire them

    Typically driven by the rich, celebrities, mafia or politicians, SUVs are considered the luxury status vehicles in Russia. SUV drivers consider themselves to be privileged, so traffic rules don’t apply to them. Primorsky Krai parliamentarian (congressman) Artush Khachatryan happens to own a Lexus SUV. On May 1, he stubbornly tried to run over police officers, […] More