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  • “Union of Soviet Surrealism Republics” by Viktor Mogilat

    Saint Petersburg based digital designer Viktor Mogilat created these surreal collages that illustrate the life in Soviet Russia. Viktor used to work for 2D Among Us art project. Today he creates his digital art for MDX art project. via More

  • One Minute Before Sunset: Nostalgic Video Project of “Massfilm Production”

    Russian video agency “Massfilm Production” published a video, where the old neon signs of Novosibirsk were lit up again. Once neon signs created a special atmosphere and were part of the visual appearance of the city, but after the collapse of the USSR were unneeded. The local authorities decided to just turn them off in […] More

  • Sovietpunk – Cyberpunk with a Soviet Twist

    Imagine if Soviet Union won Cold War, what would cyberpunk look like in such a world? This is what Redditors are visualizing in their new subreddit called Sovietpunk. While some photographs are real pictures form the USSR, others are art representations. More

  • “Where does the capitalist have his breakfast?”: How Soviet students learnt English in 1959

    Steve Rosenberg, a BBC Moscow correspondent, recently unearthed a Soviet English language textbook. In order, to make the book more relatable to communist students, authors included a lot of propaganda in it. Oddly enough, it can also relate to the modern society. More

  • Photographs of the Soviet Russia from the Archive of the University of Virginia

    An interesting archive of color photographs of Soviet life, is available on the server of the University of Virginia. Today, we brought to your attention the photo, that was captured in the summer of 1964, in Moscow. The image depicts the moment of two worlds miraculously colliding. On the photo, Soviet citizens are looking at […] More