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  • Putin opens 12-mile bridge between Crimea and Russian mainland, drives a truck

    On Tuesday Putin drove an orange Kamaz truck across the bridge as he opened the road to car traffic. “In different historical epochs, even under the tsar priests, people dreamed of building this bridge,” Putin told workers at the ceremony. – More

  • Hot Tours to Donbass

    The war in the South-East Ukraine is not over yet. But, the “Young Donetsk Republic” has started to develop its tourism and offers seriously hot tours. Russian blogger Alexandr Belenky came across an ad. The bus tour starts in Rostov-on-Don and lasts three days. Travelers will be able to see the Donbass Arena, Donetsk Airport […] More

  • Poroshenko Tweeted Fake Cover Of The Economist Magazine

    The Economist magazine published its annual collection of predictions for 2016, which identify and explore the issues that will shape the year ahead. On the cover of the magazine are images of people that will have an impact on world in 2016. The cover pictures a range of prominent people from politics, business, science and […] More

  • Barking Journalist

    While waiting for the start of Ukraine peace summit in Minsk, Russian journalist, presumably from TV channel LifeNews, barked at his Ukrainian colleagues. In addition to barking, “get the f**k out of here” is heard on another video. More

  • Twitter Messages of the Day

    Mikhail Dvorkovich known for his active support of Vladimir Putin and his policies posted in his Twitter: “Starting from today, I boycott US goods and urge everyone to do the same.”. Though, he posted via iPhone, developed by Americans on Twitter, which has been created by Americans. More

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Posted on Facebook a Poem to Crimea Residents

    Wait for me, and I’ll come back! Wait with all you’ve got! Wait, when dreary yellow rains Tell you, you should not. Wait when snow is falling fast, Wait when summer’s hot, Wait when yesterdays are past, Others are forgot. Wait, when from that far-off place, Letters don’t arrive. Wait, when those with whom you […] More

  • Polite People meme

    “Polite People” – this expression has become a popular meme all over the Internet in Russia. Addressed to the Russian troops occupying Crimea, polite people meme means that the Russian intervention looks not quite like the Western media describes it. More