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  • One Minute Before Sunset: Nostalgic Video Project of “Massfilm Production”

    Russian video agency “Massfilm Production” published a video, where the old neon signs of Novosibirsk were lit up again. Once neon signs created a special atmosphere and were part of the visual appearance of the city, but after the collapse of the USSR were unneeded. The local authorities decided to just turn them off in […] More

  • Sovietpunk – Cyberpunk with a Soviet Twist

    Imagine if Soviet Union won Cold War, what would cyberpunk look like in such a world? This is what Redditors are visualizing in their new subreddit called Sovietpunk. While some photographs are real pictures form the USSR, others are art representations. More

  • Photographs of the Soviet Russia from the Archive of the University of Virginia

    An interesting archive of color photographs of Soviet life, is available on the server of the University of Virginia. Today, we brought to your attention the photo, that was captured in the summer of 1964, in Moscow. The image depicts the moment of two worlds miraculously colliding. On the photo, Soviet citizens are looking at […] More

  • Muhammad Ali in the Soviet Union, 1978

    In May 1978, Moscow was preparing for 1980 Summer Olympics. The Soviet Ambassador to the United States, Dobrynin proposed to invite the famous athlete and world boxing champion Muhammad Ali, to the Soviet Union. Dobrynin’s proposal was supported and in June, 1978, Muhammad Ali arrived in Moscow, along with his wife, coach-manager and his lawyer. […] More

  • Soviet Russia, As Seen By Photographer Vladimir Sokolaev

    What’s the opposite of nostalgia? Remorse, maybe? Well, that is what Vladimir Solovev had captured; not so bright side of the Soviet era. Well-known documentary photographer in the 80-ties, Solovev was part of the famous creative group “Triva”. Rumor has it, that it was dismissed for political reasons. Today Vladimir lives in Moscow and has […] More

  • David Bowie on a tour of the Soviet Union in 1973

    In 1973, David Bowie traveled to the Soviet Union. Since he was afraid to fly, he was returning from Japanese tour to England by trans-Siberian express “Vladivostok – Moscow”. There’s an interesting article on the Moscow News website reflecting his trip through Russia. David Bowie took the trip forty years ago with his childhood friend […] More

  • “Music on Bones”: Bootlegged Music in Soviet Russia Was Pressed on X-rays

    Before the availability of the tape recorder and during the 1950s, Young Soviet “stilyagi” (hipsters) of the 1940s-50s would distribute banned music (including jazz) on bootlegged records made from used X-Ray films, salvaged from hospital waste bins. The thick radiographs would be cut into discs of 23 to 25 centimeters in diameter; sometimes the records […] More

  • Soviet Woman from 2061: Sci-Fi Art Contest

    Thirty years ago, Soviet television miniseries Guest from the Future, based on science fiction novel by Kir Bulychov, was aired on TV. The series starred Natalya Guseva as Alisa Selezneva, a girl from the future that travels to the present. Many Soviet schoolboys fell in love with her, and sent bags of letters to her. […] More

  • Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines

    The museum of Soviet Arcade Machines has branches in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. The museum offers a unique exhibition of more than 30 mid-1980s arcade machines, including: “Battleship”, “Safari”, “Dogfight”, “Highway”, “Sniper”, and ”Turnip”. Most of the arcade cabinets still work while some are getting restored. Visitors are welcomed to test their Soviet gaming skills and […] More

  • Young Pioneer Organization of the USSR

    On 19 May 1922, All-Union Pioneer Organization was founded. The origin of the Pioneer movement comes from Scouting. In 1917, there was a relatively extensive network of children’s scout organizations in the USSR; which included about 50 thousand Scouts. In the midst of  the Russian Civil War scouts were  seeking and helping street children. They […] More

  • Soviet Brutalist Architecture Photographed by Frederic Chaubin

    When one thinks of  something fascinating, Soviet brutalist architecture does not come to mind. However, Frédéric Chaubin’s remarkable photographs, published under the curious title “CCCP: Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed”, can change that perspective of many. French photographer has traveled the former Soviet Union since 2003, capturing  unusual sculptural buildings. Chaubin mostly focused on the edges […] More

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